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Is Springtime AC Maintenance Really Worth It?

Every spring, homeowners start to see advertisements from HVAC companies about scheduling regular maintenance or “spring tune-up” appointments for air conditioners. If you own an air conditioner but have never given tune-ups much thought before, you might be wondering why spring tune-ups get mentioned so often and if they are actually worth the money.

If you’ve never scheduled spring maintenance for your air conditioner, keep reading. These are 4 benefits you should know about that you may not have considered yet.

1. You’ll reduce the risk of a summer breakdown.

While a professional HVAC technician is providing your AC with regular maintenance, they will be inspecting the system's components to make sure that everything is functioning properly. It’s much better to find out about a faulty part during milder spring months than suffering an AC breakdown in the middle of summer.

What’s more, because of the high demand for AC parts during summer, if you have a part that needs to be replaced, you can sometimes wait weeks during summertime for the right part to come in. In spring, this rarely ever an issue.

2. You can find out if a replacement is needed before summer arrives.

If you have an older AC unit, the spring maintenance appointment can also reveal whether or not it would be a good idea to start saving up or shopping around for a replacement unit. In general, shopping for an AC unit during spring is more advantageous than shopping for one during summer because there tend to be better deals available, as well as more units in stock. Plus, AC technicians tend to have more open availability for installations during spring than in summer, allowing your installation to happen faster.

3. Tune-ups improve your air conditioner’s performance.

AC systems are kind of like cars: to keep them at their peak performance, regular maintenance is required. During a tune-up, the technician can solve minor wear-and-tear that your AC has undergone throughout the year, as well as ensure that the components are performing as efficiently as they can. The more efficiently your system runs, the less energy it will use, which in turn means it will cost you less money to cool your home. Lower energy bills are always a win!

4. You’ll save money in the long run.

A well-maintained AC is far less likely to break down than one that receives little to no maintenance. Whereas an AC tune-up is relatively inexpensive, AC repairs can end up costing you quite a bit of money, especially if repairs are needed more than once.

Well-maintained air conditioners also tend to last longer than those that don’t receive any maintenance. Replacing a unit or a whole AC system is one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner will make, so it makes financial sense to extend the lifetime of your AC system as long as possible before replacing it with a new one. Providing your system with regular maintenance is the best way to do that.

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